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November 21, 2007

Mail it right (with Dilbert ;)

Emails became an incontrovertible way to communicate in everyday “business life”… But there is several principles to follow to email right and not to be put on the unwanted mailing list! So lets discover the guidelines our good friend and co-worker Dilbert settled up.

Rule number 1 :
Be concise and prefer a clear page setting

Rule number 2 :
Respect your reader, check spelling

Rule number 3 :
Avoid useless messages

Rule number 4 & 5 :
Do not forward untrustworthy content & and do not forget to remind the aim of your message

Follow the advise of a professional ;)

More Dilbert at Dilbert.com

Pictures by Scott Adams, inc./Dist by UFS, inc. All right reserved.

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